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Nicole Nadine Productions

"The Ziegfeld Girls Revue:
The Follies & Frolics of America's 1st Superstars"

Created by,
Nicole Nadine Holst
in close collaboration with the performers

Live entertainment n NYC with class
Nicole Holst

Creating bespoke, imaginative dreamscapes that transport you to a magical, bygone era since 2006.

Founded by Impresaria Extraordinaire,
Nicole Nadine Holst

NYC-based Show Producer, Event Manager & Talent Booker, Nicole Holst

At Nicole Nadine Productions, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality productions in NYC that pay homage to the vintage spectaculars of the past, like the Ziegfeld Follies, with an innovative twist.


Juxtaposing interesting elements like burlesque and opera, hip-hop and circus, or ballet and breakdancing, you never know what to expect at the next Nicole Nadine Production!​


Nicole Nadine is always pushing the envelope of what a live performance can be. Not afraid to take risks and always going for bigger, bolder presentations, Nicole is inspired by the energy, diversity, and colorful nightlife of NYC's past and present.


No two events are ever alike!

Our roster of top NYC nightlife talent includes singers, dancers, musicians, aerialists, burlesque stars, and circus artists. 


We have long-standing relationships with our talent who were carefully selected for their variety of skills and professionalism. Each show is carefully curated to highlight their unique skillsets and personalities for the ultimate, immersive experience.​


You'll feel like you are transported to an imaginary dreamland, going on a wondrous journey full of unexpected surprises and jaw-dropping adventures. A fully curated experience from the second you walk in the door, our events thrill your senses and keep you wondering what's coming next!

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